Brentford FC Former Players’ Association

In January 2012 the Brentford FC Former Players’ Association was created with full approval and backing of the football club. The association has the following initial aims:

  • To create a formal link between ex-players and the football club
  • Reunite footballers with their colleagues
  • The club’s supporters to meet their former players
  • To provide support and welfare to its members – with help from the PFA
  • Open potential new commercial opportunities for both club and ex-player

The club shares the association’s belief that every single ex-player who has worn the Brentford shirt should be recognised and made welcome at Griffin Park. If you played for Brentford FC, either in first team games or in the reserves/juniors, or know someone that did, we would be delighted to hear from you.

4 thoughts on “Brentford FC Former Players’ Association

  1. Hi guys,
    I am the chair of 100yearsofcoconuts, the heritage and nostalgia arm of the supporfers’ trust st Cambridge United which includes the Former Players’ Association and CUFC Hall of Fame. As part of the preparations for this year’s HoF event we have again, unsuccessfully, been trying to get in touch with our old manager, John Docherty. The last we heard he was living in deepest, darkest Wiltshire but also had since been widowed. Was just wondering if you guys were in touch with the
    Doc at all as we’d be desperate to rekindle relations again.

  2. Good Morning my name is Dave Mckellar ex bees goalkeeper in the early 80s. More recently I was planning to visit Griffin Park as a trip down memory lane prior to the club moving on to pastures new.
    However due to covid 19 this has unfortunately had to be cancelled, however it would be my intention to pay a visit to the new stadium soon.

  3. I understand that my husband Donald (Don) Gavin Leith was signed to Brentford when he was a teenager. He was born in 1940 and played for Brentford as a young man until he had to have both his knee cartilage removed and was never able to play again. His knees have been the bane of his whole life, of course they would never do that sort of operation nowadays.
    He has followed Brentford avidly and still does despite us living in the North of Scotland.
    He now has vascular dementia and is really struggling but still watches his footy.
    If you have anything you could show us that would connect him to his beloved team, that would be great.

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